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Astronautics is a game about creation and survival in a hostile universe. Build and optimize your ship to defend against enemy ships as you gather resources from asteroids orbiting other worlds.

But hostile ships aren't the only hazards. You will have to monitor your ship's temperature to make sure vital systems don't overheat. Interesting things begin to happen as systems take damage. Your cooling unit may stop cooling as efficiently, your weapon will not fire as effectively and your cargo hold may actually start "leaking" precious cargo!

If you do lose cargo, hopefully it won't go to far. If you're lucky you'll be orbiting another planet when it happens and the cargo will also enter orbit in relative safety until you can return once your ship is repaired.

Once you dock at your home station you will have the opportunity to transfer cargo and modify your ship. Your ship can be modified or rebuilt in any number of ways. You can remove or add weapons, rotate them so they fire in different directions, rotate your thrusters to give you more maneuverability or expand your hull so you can add even more components at the cost of added mass. The possibilities are endless!


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